Gift Certificates


Deer­holme Farm Gift Certificates:

We offer gift cer­tifi­cates that can be spec­i­fied for an event or class or left flex­i­ble (ie. spec­i­fied dol­lar amount) for the indi­vid­ual to put towards the event of their choice. The cer­tifi­cate can be quickly emailed as a PDF doc­u­ment for you to print off at your convenience.

Events often sell out and there are wait­ing lists for the more pop­u­lar events. All events are by reser­va­tion only. You must book in advance. Upon reserv­ing we will con­tact you the week of the event to update you of the event sta­tus, remind you of the day and time and pro­vide direc­tions to our farm.


Pop­u­lar cer­tifi­cates are:

Deer­holme farm din­ner ($90/person + GST) = $94.50/person or $189.oo/couple

Deer­holme farm cook­ing class ($100/person + GST) = $105/person or $210/couple

Deer­holme farm wild food for­age ($135/person + GST) = $141.75/person or $283.50/couple

Please call with any ques­tions or con­tact me below.


250 748‑7450