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Last week the local spot prawn season opened and I followed it up with a marathon weekend of organizing a local prawn fest and coordinating a fund raiser (prawn themed) dinner in honor of my departed friend James Barber. You’d think that would weaken my need for spot prawns. Oh no, after 5 cooking demos and plating 7 prawn courses at the dinner – I look forward to creating a menu this Saturday at Deerholme Farm.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

5 pm – 9 pm

Asparagus and Spot Prawns

Spot Prawn and prosciutto rice paper rolls / grilled asparagus with vino cotto

Flat bread with a spot prawn morel and handmade cheese spread

Poached asparagus with truffle and prawn aioli

Chinese style hot and sour prawn soup with porcini mushrooms

Indonesian-flavoured asparagus and prawn risotto

Grapefruit custard tart with ice wine infused cream, rhubarb syrup

$90 / person (meat free version available)

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