Morel and Island Seafood Dinner

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Sat­ur­day April 26th (5 pm — 9 pm)

We love our morel mushrooms here on the farm. The shape is a little whimsical (some might say brain-like), but the flavour and texture is sublime. Morels work very well with our local seafood and we have designed a menu to showcase the charms of both. Please join us in an evening of exquisite seafood, wild foods and the star of the show – Morels!


Braised morels stuffed with Dungeness crab salad
Baked scallops with a morel and miso gratin


Stinging nettle and burdock root warm salad with dashi flavoured morels, prawns and crispy pork belly

Manilla clam, morel and asparagus chowder, served with a spicy octopus roll

Wild green pesto crusted halibut with a stew of new potatoes, olives and wild greens, served with a morel and mustard chutney

Big Leaf Maple custard parfait with crumbled hazelnut biscotti and blackberry

Cost is $90/person

(250) 748‑7450 for reservations

About Bill Jones

Chef, Author and Forager

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