Spot Prawns and Dungeness Crab Dinner

June 25: Spot Prawn and Dungeness Crab Din­ner

Spot Prawns are a seasonal treat that are harvest in May and June in our region. This year has been an outstanding one for the volume and quality of this sustainable seafood resource. Dungeness crab is another of our favourite sea products and we feel our crab is some of the best in the world. Together they make a dynamic duo that we are sure will dazzle our dinners.


  • Crab salad infused with farm-grown Asian Herbs and fresh Wasabi root
  • Nugget potatoes stuffed with spot prawns and truffle

Crab and Spot Prawn cake with a mint and sweet pea sauce, crispy rice noodles with curry spices

Warm salad of Deerholme Farm greens, poached spot prawns with pickled vegetables in a ponsu and dashi vinaigrette

Dungeness Crab and Sweet Pea Risotto with morel mushroom and crab bisque

Local Strawberry tasting with sweet cicely shortcake, big leaf maple caramel and lavender strawberry sorbet

$90 / per­son (plus taxes)

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